Video recordings of Well-Grubnow

Good Grubnow Photo Film

The Video is a compilation of a few photos to a movie.

Drones flying over Well-Grubnow and in the Bodden waters

The Video below from the December of 2016 shows a drone flying over the Well-Grubnow and in the adjacent surroundings of the island.

Walkabout in the garden of Gut Grubnow

The following Video which was taken in May 2009 gives – “slightly wiggly” – an Overview of the garden, the plant, the jetty and the beautiful views of the countryside North of rügen.

360° waterside-view from the footbridge

The following video from July 2009 shows as 360° view of the water- and countryside of Gut Grubnow, seen from the water just in front of the footbridge.