Where are the most beautiful beaches in the district? Well, good question – because there are a lot of great beaches here on Rügen. Put together that are so about 60 km beach. For example, the Baltic Sea Beach Schaabe there. 10 km white sandy beach invite you to the concerns and dreams. Or but you will drive to the white sandy beach of Schaprode. This is perfect for our younger guests – so for the clientele, not having it with the concerns and dreams. Because the water in this part of the island is maximum knee deep, so you can have peace of mind to play your youngest – While you lie on the beach and dream. As you can see, it's pretty hard to call the a most beautiful beach of the island of Rügen. It just depends, what you so “Her” Expect beach. But about one thing you can be sure: the selection is so great that the perfect beach this is also for your personal taste.