Is the cottage / apartment still available?

You want the vacation home “Remise” or rent one of the apartments? Use our Booking Calendar: you know within seconds whether the desired object at the scheduled time is still free. Of course, we keep the booking calendar always up-to-date – daily updating, we avoid overbooking or other unpleasant surprises. Finally we would like to, you can reach the well-being feeling mode already when planning your vacation. Just a click away from the most beautiful weeks of the year: just the button “Availability and request” Press and know whether you go soon. In the booking calendar are all days where the Rügen vacation rental or holiday home Rügen are yet available, white – Red, however, means that this data the objects unfortunately already occupied. Select just the desired apartment and buttons throughout the calendar year. The free day match on your free days? Use our booking form now, then make it clear everything for a wonderful holiday in an idyllic landscape.

How do I pay the reservation for accommodation on Gut Grubnow?

The rental fee for the Holiday House or that holiday apartment is to be paid in advance and prior to travel. You will find the rental fee for the respective object in the current pricelist. The Prices the apartments vary this depending on the size and facilities of each season. All prices are gross and include the applicable VAT rate already. The final cleaning costs add up to the price for the chosen number of nights. This currently amounted to 50,00 euros.

The invoice amount must be transferred by guests before the trip to the following account:

Bank: Postbank Berlin
BLZ.: 10010010
Account: 522604108
Subject: “Your name”

Should the invoice not in time of travel prior to be transferred, the landlord reserves the right to withdraw from the contract. Also, the missed of payment deadlines can cause interest collected from the landlord of the Rügen apartment or holiday house of Rügen.

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Must a security deposit for the stay be deposited?

We trust our holiday guests. That's why we require no Deposit., The tenant has caused damage but so he must pay for the repair of this damage. Generally, we can always directly repair damage – If this is possible. But is not a damage even while eradicate the stay of the guest, we reserve the right, in hindsight Deposit to raise. The amount of this deposit is according to the type of damage and the assumed costs, which is expected to cause the claims.

The loss of a key is also subject to a charge. Should you have the misfortune to lose one of our key, this will cost a fee of 50,00 euro. The sum must be paid before your departure.

When is the arrival possible? Must the departure be until when?

In the high season, which is Holiday House and the individual holiday apartment weekly rents. The Saturday is A both - as well as your day of departure. From 16:00 at the apartment or the house for you is ready. So we can guarantee all of the holiday guests that you will find to 16:00, a clean and reference finished object, we will ask you to have on the day of your departure until 10:00 a.m., the house or the apartment broom clean to leave.

Of course, it can always be reasons why a feed or pull-out date cannot be met. Please just contact us! In individual cases and in the low season we can even just be relaxed – or at least try it. Finally, you shall enjoy an all around successful stay. And that involves also the arrivals and departures.

Who takes the final cleaning of the apartment?

Normally, the accommodations are cleaned by us. This service is part of the Lump sum comprised of 50,00 euro we plus your stay charge that.

Optionally, a stand-alone cleaning on request is possible.

We only ask you to leave the apartment swept clean and tidy condition. Also, it would be nice if you would clean out the dishwasher on the day of departure.

Should discover damage, with departure arrangements, which have arisen during your stay in or around the House, we ask you to report it before your final departure.

Include young children and babies as a full-fledged guest?

But of course: For us, each guest is, a full-featured guest visited us! However, this has no effect on the price. We calculate the cost of our individual objects according to square footage and amenities – so, for example, if a private balcony is available. It is also crucial, whether you are on the beautiful island of Rugen want to enjoy in the main or low season. See all details once again explained in detail in our pricelist. As you can see, play with some different factors in pricing. Only one thing always remains the same: we are pleased about every guest – quite irregardless of age!

When will I receive my travel documents?

Almost immediately, you will receive the travel documents.
The Form for bookings, the you us by fax, email or even by mail sent, get back within a few days of us. Email and signed. This is the confirmation of your booking – and everything you need. So, we keep the administrative burden as low as possible. To our, but also to your advantage. We edit no mountains of documents to bring to the post. And they clobbered no mountains of documents, when you start to your holiday. And the best: should remain the confirmation of your booking in the heat of the moment but on the native kitchen table, you can print out if necessary once again they spot – Thanks to wireless Internet access in the hotel.

How to pick up the keys?

Our Grubnow team is responsible for the keys for your accommodation. At least until the late afternoon. But even then, we guarantee a smooth handover of the keys: from 17:00 our administrator Mrs Evelyn assumes Daphne. You may contact them at the number 0172-542 54 40. Just call and just share with when you are planning your arrival. Usually also a late key collection is completely straightforward. We simply hang the key on the door of the booked apartment. On the key itself, you will find the respective apartment number again. In the building you get without key. The main door is open until at least 22:00. And if your journey even longer – even longer!

Are pets allowed?

Since we always get a lot of requests from Dog owners now carry a maximum of two dogs per apartment in the residences 1, 2, 4, and carriage house for the price of 10 EUR per dog and night (linen duty on property), see also our offer

Is a journey by bus and / or train to the good Grubnow possible?

Basically, one is Journey bus and / or train to the good Grubnow possible. Gut Grubnow is well known that lies in the North of Rugen, more precisely in new churches. In Bergen auf Rügen, 15 km away, there is a breakpoint of the Deutsche Bahn. Also the Rügen passenger traffic GmbH, just the RPNV is represented in Neuenkirchen, so that buses also are at your disposal. Crucial is easy, what a travel type you are? And you come from where? And how much luggage you need for your stay at least? Depending on what your answers to these questions are, it can be the best decision for you to use the public transport system. Or maybe better to arrive with your own car. This fine, usually in one day at the travel destination Germany.

Where are the most beautiful beaches in the district?

Where are the most beautiful beaches in the district? Well, good question – because there are a lot of great beaches here on Rügen. Put together that are so about 60 km beach. For example, the Baltic Sea Beach Schaabe there. 10 km white sandy beach invite you to the concerns and dreams. Or but you will drive to the white sandy beach of Schaprode. This is perfect for our younger guests – so for the clientele, not having it with the concerns and dreams. Because the water in this part of the island is maximum knee deep, so you can have peace of mind to play your youngest – While you lie on the beach and dream. As you can see, it's pretty hard to call the a most beautiful beach of the island of Rügen. It just depends, what you so “Her” Expect beach. But about one thing you can be sure: the selection is so great that the perfect beach this is also for your personal taste.

Is the House / an apartment outside the 7-day intervals can be booked?

Generally, the main season from 15.05, the following applies: During. up to and including 30.09. the apartments are rented by the week. The arrival is always on Saturday from 16:00 and departures should – also on a Saturday – until 10:00.

But what would a rule be without exceptions? Nothing! Therefore, also applies to the rental of a holiday flat Rügen: In the individual case and, in particular, in the off-season from 01.10 up to and including 14.05. deviations are possible. A short enquiry on the number 0172/4020280 (for Calls from abroad +49 don't forget), or an E-Mail to booking[at] – You know more.

Special rules also apply to the rental at the holidays around Christmas, new year and Easter. So a small break of at least four days must be on Christmas planned a new year's Eve can be celebrated extensively within six days, and on Easter, you have time to find good hiding places for the eggs at least five days.

Oh, Yes, there is still an exception – and what a beautiful! Would the dreamlike atmosphere in the and around the Manor House of Grubnow use to celebrate a festive occasion? Then do that! Of course control eliminates also the 7-days: weddings, anniversaries, corporate events – Festivals may at the gut Grubnow and the connected apartment celebrated Rügen, fall how just. At least in the period from 15 September to 15 June. Also here is: just ask – We provide you with your quote.

How do I know that I have actually booked the accommodation?

The Rügen apartment do you like? A matching date is also found. Now only the formalities must be done – and already you can enjoy a wonderful holiday in the respecting Grubnow.

Book can now in three different ways: form, just click on the link. Already a pdf opens. Print out, fill out, and signed by fax to the number 49 (0) 40 send 38017-836742 or by post to: good Grubnow GbR, Fabian Floto, Grubnow 7, 18569 new churches. You will receive confirmed the form within a few days – and can begin to look forward to your holiday.

Or but just send an E-Mail to reservation [ät] well Reservation request or request – within two days you will receive a response and thus a confirmation of booking. At least most of the time: Every now and then an email in the spam filter hangs. If you do receive no feedback over a period of time, this is no testimony of our poor nursery – Please contact us in this case by telephone, so that we can fulfill your wishes immediately.

By the way, always a possibility: give us a call! Under 49 (0) 172/4020280, we accept your reservation requirements and confirm your booking immediately. Of course you will receive the confirmation again in writing.

Can I book the accommodation with meals?

Unfortunately, we have no way to take us directly to the physical well-being of our guests. Nevertheless, we are absolutely sure that you will experience a wonderful holiday in culinary terms. So are both the Vacation home Rügen as well as each Apartment in Rügen equipped with a modern kitchen. Including stove, oven and very important – a dishwasher.

So who wants to use the leisure hours of his vacation, extensive, common cooking in a relaxed atmosphere will find everything what you need for this in our apartments. The ingredients themselves provide the local and well-stocked grocery stores – and who likes it quite healthy in the holiday, which can buy directly from the organic farmers.

Also the domain of man is: Barbecue areas There are – idyllic places in the garden.

Who want to cook for themselves rather, comes also at his own expense. In the vicinity you will find numerous restaurants that offer something for every taste: from the classic Tavern on experience catering to the fish restaurant, everything is represented – Finally we are Rugen and thus on the sea.

You will find more culinary offers, E.g. in the vicinity of this Apartments in BINZ.

How are the shopping in the district by good Grubnow?

In a word: Good! In the District of Apartments all shops, you need to cover your major and minor requirements, see new churches. In addition to various discount stores and food markets, also many smaller stores that carry special products can be found. So there are Rugen Country butcher shops, fish halls, organic farmers and even distilleries – So really all the human being so needs. And for those who like it like sweet: Zirkow, a Schokoladenmanufraktur with factory sales from Wednesday to Sunday, is located between 11:00 and 17:00. Just 30 km with the car, which are certainly worthwhile, particularly women and children!

Is the price for the holiday house / apartment per week or per person?

Both the prices for the Holiday House as well as for the individual holiday apartment will be charged per week or per day. While the price of each object arises from the respective numbers of square meters. Other differences arise from the fact that some of the offered apartments feature a private terrace or balcony – a little of extra luxury for a small extra charge.

Single 50,00 euro for final cleaning are plus the rent to be paid. The final price is calculated from the rent for the period and the single amount for the final cleaning. Additional costs, such as tax not incurred for the holiday guest. Additional equipment such as washing machines, fax machine, barbecue equipment and sauna can be used free of charge. The freely accessible Wi Fi is also already included in the price. Also the available local boats may be used free of charge.