Per apartment

Booking Calendar per apartment:

How to use the booking calendar:
The subsequent booking calendar gives you an overview of the free apartments in good Grubnow. In addition to the text “Belegung für” is a button, through which you all eight Apartments and that Holiday House Remise ansteuern können. Die erste Ansicht bezieht sich auf Wohnung “Typ A “Ferienwohnung I””. Über die Schaltfläche können Sie jetzt beispielsweise die Ferienwohnung Nr. III auswählen (Dann: “Typ C “Ferienwohnung III””). Der Kalender wird dann automatisch binnen weniger Sekunden neu geladen und zeigt Ihnen die Verfügbarkeit der ausgewählten Ferienwohnung an.

Notes on the interpretation of the booking calendar:

  • Green highlighted days are not used and therefore can be booked
  • red highlighted days are already booked
  • a red triangle After red stored days means that the previous tenant is leaving on this day until 10 PM: Consequently, the respective apartment can be purchased on this day from 16 o'clock
  • a red triangle before red stored days means that the day of arrival (from 16 clock)

    Timeliness of the booking calendar:
    The booking calendar is updated daily as a rule so that you can choose a vacation rental and book using the booking form on this basis.

    => Get under the following link you conclude that Formular.pdf for the binding booking of vacation rentals.

    Since the goods provides a cancellation invoice Grubnow GbR in the case of travel cancellation, the amount of which depends on the time of cancellation in relation to the originally scheduled date of arrival (which-> see in detail ABGs the Gut Grubnow GbR in the imprint), we recommend you to consider, for the possible case of a cancellation of your booking to complete a travel cancellation insurance. For this eventuality, including the Hanseatic mercury offers an attractive insurance policy.
    So easy, you can book travel.