Availability calendar

Booking calendar of holiday apartments on Rügen

How to use the booking calendar:
Der nachfolgende Buchungskalender gibt Ihnen eine Übersicht über die freien Ferienwohnungen im Gut Grubnow. Im Kopf der Übersicht lassen sich Reisedatum und Personenzahl auswählen. Nach dem Prüfen werden Ihnen die freien Wohnungen in einer Übersicht angezeigt.

Timeliness of the booking calendar:

The booking calendar is updated daily as a rule so that you can choose a vacation rental and book using the booking form on this basis.

Notes on the interpretation of the booking calendar:

  • Green highlighted days are not used and therefore can be booked
  • red highlighted days are already booked
  • a red triangle After red stored days means that the previous tenant is leaving on this day until 10 PM: Consequently, the respective apartment can be purchased on this day from 16 o'clock
  • a red triangle before red stored days means that the day of arrival (from 16 clock)

=> Get under the following link you conclude that Formular.pdf for the binding booking of vacation rentals.

Since the goods provides a cancellation invoice Grubnow GbR in the case of travel cancellation, the amount of which depends on the time of cancellation in relation to the originally scheduled date of arrival (which-> see in detail ABGs the Gut Grubnow GbR in the imprint), we recommend you to consider, for the possible case of a cancellation of your booking to complete a travel cancellation insurance. For this eventuality, including the Hanseatic mercury offers an attractive insurance policy.

So easy, you can book travel.