Arrival to the apartments

Drive over the Rügen bridge in direction of Bergen from Stralsund and turn left direction went off. Above left, turn right towards Wittow / Schaprode and after 2 km turn right down on the “German Avenue Road” Direction of new churches. New churches you drive through the main road next (in the direction of four Harrow), until approximately 200 meters after the exit new churches the shield “Grubnow” see. Please here in the direction of Grubnow on a road with two “Concrete pavements” turn right and about 1,000 metres. After about 1000 meters the road makes a bend to the sharp right: Here is a boulder stands at the entrance to the Well-Grubnow, see photo, here please turn left and you are there:


In the case of this stone, please turn left and drive to the manor house


Address of Gut Grubnow:
Gut Grubnow
Grubnow No. 7
D-18569 Neuenkirchen, Rügen, Germany

Gutshaus Grubnow is situated in the North West of Ruegen, close to the village Neuenkirchen.