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Vacation homes ruegen in Gut Grubnow

The historic "Gutshaus Grubnow" was renovated in 2005 and welcomes its guests with its offering of eight spacious apartments and one guest house for two to six persons.

Gutshaus Grubnow seen from the waterside

Vacation Home

Front view of Gutshaus Grubnow

Ferienhaus Rügen

The Gutshaus Grubnow that is under a preservation order was renovated in 2005 according to historical plans. Today, we welcome our guests with eight spacious apartments and one guest house for two to six persons.

All apartments and the guest house "Remise" are fondly furnished according to highest standards while offering a splendid view accross an idyllic landscape and the Baltic Sea ("Lebbiner Bodden"). All our guests are invited to use the main room / fireplace, the sauna and the large garden with its 10.000 square metres. On our premises lies a footbridge that may be used for boat trips (two rowing and sailing boats are at our guests' disposal) and swimming. Four of the eight apartments and the guest house possess either a spacious balcony or a terrace.

The large garden offers many opportunities for both relaxation and activities: Secluded areas with deck-chairs, chairs and tables, a large terrace close to the reed, the footbridge with its two sailing and rowing boats, a BBQ-area and - for the children - a playground with a sandpit, lots of toys and a swing.

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